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Neurodiversity Pathways Film

“Changing the way we educate neurodivergent, young people.” We are thrilled to announce our involvement in a transformative video project that has been underway since September 2023. Originally conceived as a film aimed at educating neurodiverse individuals about the world of work, this project took a profound turn when the production company Colab Creations engaged […]

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ALP Leicester Spring Newsletter

ALP Leicester have also continued our hard work and never-ending job of exploring and challenging ourselves as teachers to ensure that we are constantly reviewing what we are doing and how we positively impact the learning and development of our learners.

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World Book Day

World Book Day Highlights! Get ready for a literary extravaganza because this week, our school transformed into a whirlwind of characters, stories, and adventures! Our dedicated staff and brilliant pupils jumped headfirst into the magical world of books by dressing up as their favourite characters. From wizards to warriors, princesses to pirates, our halls were […]

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Community Christmas Party Fundraising 

Learners and staff at ALP Leicester have been busy raising funds for The New Wycliffe Care home resident’s Christmas party. Funds were raised through a raffle of wooden items made in the workshop. On Monday 18th December, learners visited the care home and presented the residents with ¬£100, cards, and a wooden star that they […]

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Staff Focus – Charlene O’Connor

ALP Leicester expresses immense joy as Charlene O’Connor, a dedicated member of our team, takes center stage in Jigsaw Education Group’s recent school focus. Charlene stands out as a trailblazer in providing Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) education, earning recognition for her exceptional focus and drive. Spending just a few moments in Charlene’s company […]

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Fundraising for new Wycliffe Care Home Residents

The Learning at ALP Leicester has recently been actively involved in fundraising efforts for The New Wycliffe Care Home Residents’ Christmas celebration. By organizing a raffle featuring handcrafted wooden items from their workshop, funds were collected to support this cause. On Monday 18th December, both Learners and staff of ALP Leicester visited the care home, […]

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ALP Leicester Autumn Newsletter

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Ofsted GOOD celebrations

Last week, ALP Schools Group celebrated the incredible milestone of achieving a GOOD Ofsted rating in each of their five schools. Each school began the day with an introductory video from Managing Director David Cowell, telling the story of how the company began and demonstrating how far each school has come in the company’s 17 […]

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Time Travel Day

As part of our Artsmark legacy ALP Leicester transformed into a captivating time-travel experience. Every floor embraced a distinct historical era, adorning their spaces and attire to reflect that period. Students at ALP Leicester embarked on their school day by entering through a TARDIS, and the astonishment on their faces was priceless.

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Remembrance Day

During last week’s lead-up to Remembrance Day, our learners crafted significant Remembrance Day Memorial Crosses. These were generously shared with and exhibited in prominent places across our local Birstall community. They found a place of honor at The Birstall Royal British Legion, as well as at local establishments like Filigree & Heart and the Urban […]