Neurodiversity Pathways Film

“Changing the way we educate neurodivergent, young people.”

We are thrilled to announce our involvement in a transformative video project that has been underway since September 2023. Originally conceived as a film aimed at educating neurodiverse individuals about the world of work, this project took a profound turn when the production company Colab Creations engaged with students. Their stories illuminated the persistent lack of understanding and support within mainstream education, mirroring our own past experiences. The focus of the project shifted entirely, aiming to shed light on neurodiverse experiences in education and offer practical insights for teachers and students alike.

Since last year Colab have conducted work experience sessions with various students and schools, soliciting their input on the film’s direction while providing them with hands-on exposure to the film production process. Through numerous interviews and capturing engaging footage, Colab have crafted a narrative that not only highlights the challenges but also offers constructive guidance for fostering understanding and engagement in learning environments.

Balancing the voices of the students with the filmmaking process was paramount, and witnessing their active participation was immensely gratifying. We are immensely proud of the resulting film and eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have, raising awareness of neurodivergence in education and empowering individuals to navigate their academic journeys effectively.

A massive thank you needs to go out to Jasmine at ALP Leicester for her excellent work in being a huge part of this Colab Creations film, and to the wider team for getting involved and adding their talent and flair.

Watch the full film here.