About Us

Empowering Success Through Holistic and Individualised Learning

ALP Leicester is an Independent Special Needs School catering for learners aged between 6 and 19. Our school is Ofsted registered and caters to 35 young people who have struggled in mainstream education due to their special educational needs. 

Our unique selling point is that we offer small classes or one-to-one learning where the curriculum is tailored to the needs of the individual. We also recognise the importance of building up routines, relationships, respect, and trust to achieve successful teaching and learning. 

ALP Leicester is on the same site as the Cedars Academy in Birstall, in what was previously known as Stonehill School. Our school is thriving with unique opportunities for young people. Primary and secondary/post-16 have their own designated space. However, both can access the school’s facilities which include a construction workshop, two libraries, a large garden, a playing field, a forest school, a music studio, a hairdressing suite, an art studio, individual classrooms, and group rooms. The school benefits from a range of professionals on its staff team including a Careers officer, Speech and Language Therapist, Dyslexia Specialist, and Counsellor. 

ALP Leicester ensures that all learners work towards a Foundation Learning Curriculum. This ensures that each individualised timetable includes as a minimum core skill in English, maths and ICT, Vocational Learning, and Personal and Social development. 


ALP Leicester is implementing a programme of work known as ‘ARRRTT’ into their curriculum.

ARRRTT is becoming central to our ethos at ALP Leicester. ARRRTT is an acronym for 6 positive values that empower students to be successful. ARRRTT stands for:







ARRRTT underpins everything we do and is central to our belief that every student has the ability and right to achieve their full potential. You will see ARRRTT shown prominently throughout the school. We are proud that students can articulate these values.

ARRRTTs Assemblies

Every term we celebrate the ARRRTTs through our primary/nurture and secondary/post-16 assemblies. AT ALP Leicester we recognise those students who have demonstrated these characteristics. The assemblies act as an opportunity to celebrate those students who have shown these values.