Remembrance Day

During last week’s lead-up to Remembrance Day, our learners crafted significant Remembrance Day Memorial Crosses. These were generously shared with and exhibited in prominent places across our local Birstall community. They found a place of honor at The Birstall Royal British Legion, as well as at local establishments like Filigree & Heart and the Urban Farm Shop.

The support from these businesses meant a lot to our learners as they aimed to contribute meaningfully to our community. Another cross was gratefully received by St. James the Great Church, Birstall, where it stood proudly on the altar during the primary Remembrance Sunday service. I had the honor of representing ALP in the Community at this solemn occasion.

Additionally, a cross was presented to Birstall Methodist Church for their own remembrance service. Crafted by our learners using recycled pine timber, each cross features a symbolic poppy at its center.

Furthermore, our learners designed and delivered their own memorial, placing it respectfully at the Cenotaph after their Remembrance assembly, which included a moment of silence. This heartfelt tribute remained at the base of the Cenotaph throughout the Sunday service and ceremonial proceedings.

Engaging in these community efforts brought immense joy to our learners, who felt deeply appreciated by the community’s response. This experience was not only positive but also inspiring, as our learners are now enthusiastic about undertaking more activities within our community.